Drastically Improved Version of Headshot Released!

Photo by Chloe Fan

Headshot is an application that helps you take pictures of yourself by telling you how to move your camera until your head is in the right spot. This was not an easy task. Writing the face detection was the easy part. Much more challenging was to get the user interface correct. How do you tell people how to move their phones? How often do you tell them? How do you teach people to use the app? The first version of headshot was a good start and got people excited, but it still needed a lot of work.

Over the last few months I’ve been polishing headshot, getting feedback from users and trying to develop the right audio prompts and timing to help you get that perfect shot. Here is a summary of all of the improvements for version 3 of headshot:

  • Added multiple person mode Now you can get the perfect shot with two or more people! In multiple person mode Headshot gives instructions by taking the average location of all faces in the image.
  • Auto snapshot when perfect physically snapping a photo can cause blurry images. Now headshot will automatically take a photo when your head is in the right place so all you need to do is smile!
  • Greatly improved audio feedback Headshot now has a bit more personality: It tells you when it can’t see you, and also immediately tells you once your head is in the right place.
  • Fixed bug that caused app to crash on international phones. This bug caused many international users to be unhappy. It should be fixed now!
  • New logo! Thanks to my friend Chloe Fan for making the avatar used in this logo. Update: The new logo hasn’t propogated to the Marketplace yet but it should be up soon.
Excited? Then please update your app, or download headshot by following the link below. If you like it, please review the app, and send all feedback to babblegame@gmail.com.


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